Women’s shorts

Twenty years ago a woman can hardly even think about
the shorts as the type of clothes for going out. People
will simply not be able to understand that outfit. Today
the women can enjoy wearing the shorts. For some of
them it became a part of their lives. Satin lingerie. The fashion designers
understand perfectly the demand of women’s
and dedicate to this part of clothes
their collections: both winter and summer.

Which kind of women’s shorts are in fashion today?

Each woman has her own style. It can be classic, sporty,
casual, punk, etc. Designers consider all tastes and
in the market today you can choose the fashionable shorts
according to your taste and style.

Let’s start from the sporty and casual styles:

Shorts of mentioned above styles will be always popular
since they are very comfortable and women can wear them
on day to day basis. Jeans shorts are the most popular
among the women and in fashion trend of 2010 many designers
suggest the shorts from jean material. Printed Lingerie. They will look
perfect with a simple blouse and flat shoes.

Some women prefer leather shorts. The designer Alexander
Wang is the one who created the leather shorts with
lacing. These shorts are considered to be a sign of
luxury and glamour. But it will require special clothes
that should fit in a combination.

There is a wide selection of classic style shorts of
different length, so women can wear them to the different
events: both official and casual. These kinds of shorts
you can wear with the high heel shoes as well. Designers
Mark Jacobs introduced shorts for women made from silk.
It was a theme to the woman’s summer look in 2010.

How to choose
the women’s shorts?

Each woman has different figure and not always ideal,
but if you are aware of some tips it is a great chance
to hide all the disadvantages of the body and highlight
the advantages.

If the woman is not tall, it is better to choose short
shorts that will make the legs look longer. Tall and
thin women should pay attention at shorts with lapels,
which look perfect on them. For tall women it is preferably
to choose the shorts with length a bit above the knee.
Bermuda shorts look great on women, who are not thin.

The colour and print of women’s shorts also make the difference in a look. For example,
the print of vertical stripes will make legs look longer
while the horizontal stripes — on the contrary.

Consider all above and make the shorts the part of your
wardrobe, using all the opportunities to buy them in
your local stores as well as online, taking advantage
of even more styles and colours offered online.

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