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If you were born somewhere in the 70s and 80s then you might be familiar with the super padded, line backer shoulder women’s blazer. Yes, women blazers have come a long way. Black Lingerie. In recent times the super padding has faded away paving way for more accentuated cuts, with less padding. This does not mean that the old design is gone for you can see similar designs adoring the runways, it is true old is gold.

The good thing about blazers is that it can fit almost any kind of dressing and any kind of occasion. If you are in a party, a good blazer worn with leggings or a dress will make you outstanding. The same applies to formal situations for you can wear your blazer with an equally matching dress or trouser.

To help you in choosing the right blazer here is a list of the more common blazer designs

Blazer designs

Boyfriend blazer- The demand for this blazer is just amazing probably due to the cut. Do not let the name fool you for this blazer is specifically for women. It is more common because of its accommodating technique. If you have a fuller upper body then this is a great fit for it has fewer cuts. If worn with the right kind of outfit you have yourself a beauty.

Tailored blazer- As the name suggests this is tailor made, and is specifically cut to fit your body shape. It has a formal look with a standard design, making it a good preference for job interviews. Also you can be dressed in it on a night out as well.

Concealed blazer- it is definitely true to the name with its great ability of hiding almost any spot that you dislike. This blazer can make you gain a few extra pounds or lose a few of the same. It is truly magical.

Why own a blazer?

Well, apart from the blazer being the perfect fashion trend for the moment, it is also good to note that good blazers will give you a more respectable look and might even earn you that job position. Blue Lingerie. This is just one of the reasons among a thousand and one other reasons.

Depending on your taste and preference, it is safe to say that there is something for everyone and therefore you no longer have an excuse of not owning a blazer. Remember to seek the help of a professional tailor who will objectively point you to the right direction.

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