Preferred Length for skirts

One of the most classic pieces a woman can own in her closet is a skirt. Whether it is paired with a jacket, a sweater or a t-shirt, skirts are very versatile. Anyone can wear a skirt with a few simple guidelines.

Preferred Length for skirts:

Skirt length is as simple as body type and occasion. Women with long legs can usually wear any length but look best in above the knee and mid thigh lengths. Purple Lingerie. Women with shorter legs will find that skirts that fall below the knees will make their legs look longer.

Thick-legged women should stick with knee length and stay away from short skirts. Thin-legged women can wear voluminous skirt or long skirts.

Even with these body type guidelines, it is still important to bear in mind where it will be worn. Wearing a mini skirt to the office is still usually inappropriate in most business environments. Wearing a long wool skirt to a summer party is also probably not a good idea either. Mid-length skirts often work best in almost any environment, from office to social occasions.

When trying on a skirt, it is a really good idea to make sure nothing unwanted shows when bending over or sitting down. Red Lingerie. The perfect length standing up may not stay the perfect length when moving around.

Style — what’s in and what’s not

Women’s skirts come in a wide variety of styles. The most basic skirt follows an A-line pattern and falls loosely from the hips, usually to the knees or slightly below.

These are best for business and pairing with a sweater or jacket. Slim line skirts are also perfect and go well with sweater sets and lightweight blouses. Anyone can wear these types of skirts, as they tend not to add bulk. They also come in a lot of colors and materials, so they can be worn at anytime of the year.

Other skirts are more elaborate and range from denim skirts to embroidered peasant skirts. Some of these styles are best avoided, as they tend to look fuller in the hips and can be unflattering on certain body types.

Any skirts with elastic and pleated material can bunch up, emphasizing tummy bulges and extra curves. Straighter skirts will flatter most body types.

The good thing about women’s skirts is their versatility. A simple knee length skirt can be paired with a shirt and jacket for the office, then with a sweater for dinner later. Skin Lingerie. A lightweight skirt in the summer works for concerts, weddings, parties, and brunches. By owning just a couple women’s skirts, a wardrobe is complete.

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