Choosing the Right Women’s Suits

When you talk about suits, most people mostly associate it to a jacket and a skirt. Well, that is the conservative thinking for one can equally wear the jacket with a dress or a trouser. It is good to note that the Women’s suits design is not a today’s thing for its history can be traced back to the 50s design by Coco Chanel.

It is evident that the suits design has greatly transformed with time, thanks to the rise of new designer labels that has moved away from the conservative designs.

Dressing sense

As much as this has to do with your personal opinion and preferences there are instances, when you will require some general basic knowledge on probably, what a particular suit design and color will do for you. For instance, if you are woman then the double-breasted jacket will be great at hiding the tall height. It will definitely make you look shorter.

On the contrary, shorter/petite women should go for the single-breasted jackets they are a wonder at artificially improving on height.

If you the kind of woman that has a more hideous and outgoing character then the women’s suit
trousers should do you good. This is so because they tend to be more concealing and at the same time gives you enough space for movement. However, before you rush straight to buying you should have an idea of what the different designs will do for you.

If you have wide hips, the boot cut or straight cut is more convenient. For taller women the peg design is fine.

Size selection

This should not give you a headache. If you are looking for a business suit then a more conservative color like blue, and black might be more appropriate. Stripes Lingerie. A suit for going out and attending church services can take a more open color approach.

When choosing a suit design you have to be completely aware about your body shape. You may have a pear shape, and hourglass or even an apple shape and this should guide you towards the right fit. Go for a skirt or trouser design that will show your hips but in a nice manner. In more streetwise language, you should go for one that flows over your hips other than the tight fit.

It is also important to seek the help of an experienced tailor for they will give you a more informed advice regarding your choice.

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